About Southern Spa Outlet

About Southern Spa Outlet

We have always been a customer-oriented company that will only sell quality products that are backed by a substantial warranty. Our hot tubs, spas, filters, and WARRANTY are the best in the field.

Hard Cover Hot Tub History

Demand for our product has always been very favorable and has continued to grow over the years. Our quality, warranty, and customer service has led our Eco Spa to the top of its market. In 2019, Southern Spa Outlet was very excited to open our first warehouse in Murfreesboro, TN. Our supplier is based out of Southern California.

Eco Spas used to rely largely on dealers to sell their product line in regular retail store outlets. But in 2008, our main supplier began showing the Eco Spa product line at home shows, fairs and special events. This way of presenting our product line has greatly increased the customer awareness of our product and has enabled our brand to remove the middle man and allow us the opportunity to sell our hot tubs at “Special Promotional Prices” that would not be normally available at retail stores.

Southern Spa Outlet is very proud to say that our company exclusively sells only Eco Spas. We have found that it is impossible to compare the quality and features of these hot tubs to any others on the market.

Our company can ship our spas directly to consumers or provide our own professional in-house delivery and will provide technical assistance and service if ever needed.


There are a lot of choices when it comes to purchasing a new hot tub or spa. The decision on who to purchase a spa or hot tub from is as important as the hot tub itself. Southern Spa Outlet is committed to providing our customers quality products and outstanding service. Although we are headquartered in Murfreesboro, Tennessee, we sell and install hot tubs all over the Southern United States.