Eco Spa hot tubs are engineered differently from the ground up.

Why Eco Spa?
Watch to find out what makes Eco Spas so special!

See Why Our Spas And Hot Tubs Are Changing Lives

Eco Spa Hot Tubs are the only energy efficient hot tubs with a lifetime structural warranty. Say goodbye to polishing, sanding, and staining, and start enjoying the benefits of owning a hot tub. Our clients have nothing but amazing testimonials about how the ECO SPA has changed their lives.

Why Eco Spa? The Eco Spa Difference Is Huge

Eco Spas utilize different building materials, engineering, and design concepts that other spa manufacturers do not offer. This includes the following:


  • Eco Spas Dual Filters
  • Removable Service Panels
  • Power Seal Technologies
  • Unibody Construction
  • Spa Cover With Lifetime Warranty

Why Eco Spa? Our Unibody Construction

Eco Spas are constructed from high density, polyethylene and are molded in one solid piece. This design offers many benefits not possible with a traditional acrylic hot tub. This includes the following:


  • The Eco Spa dual wall construction and a solid bottom provides quieter operation and better energy efficiency.
  • The solid bottom allows it to be placed on any surface and makes virtually impossible for rodents to enter.
  • Eco Spas are the only hot tub with a true lifetime structural warranty.

Why Eco Spa? The Removable Service Panels

All Eco Spa models have two removable panels on all four sides of the hot tub. This provides simple access to the spa equipment including the pumps, electronics, and plumbing. No more digging through foam to inspect or service your spa. 

Why Eco Spa? Lifetime Cover Warranty

The Eco Spa hard cover system with the exclusive power seal technology is 25% more efficient than the average vinyl cover. It is easy to open and close and does not require any special maintenance. Eco Spas unique hard-cover will hold up to 350 pounds and will save you hundreds of dollars on your electric bill. Our spas will also save you the expense and hassle of replacing your vinyl the cover every three years. Imagine the time and money you will save over the life time of your hot tub. View our warranty.

Why Eco Spa? Power Seal Technologies

Most hot tub covers simply sit on the top of the spa and depend on the weight of the cover forming the seal. With our exclusive power seal technology, the gasket is compressed onto the spa shell forming a water tight seal. This specialized engineering makes our spas a leader in the industry.

Why Eco Spa? Our Dual Filters

All models of Eco Spas are equipped with two easy access 35 square foot filters for cleaner water. Watch our video on how to change the dual filters here.


There are a lot of choices when it comes to purchasing a new hot tub or spa. The decision on who to purchase your tub from is as important as the hot tub itself. Southern Spa Outlet is committed to providing our customers quality products and outstanding service. Although we are headquartered in Murfreesboro, Tennessee, we sell and install hot tubs in Tennessee, Georgia, Ohio, Indiana, Florida, Alabama, Kentucky, and Illinois.