Eco Spa Hot Tubs

Eco Spa portable hot tubs are different from the ground up.


Durable, Easy To Use, and Efficient

Eco Spa hot tubs offer the most durable, energy efficient spa in its class, made from the highest quality rotationally molded products on the planet, including the first Hard Top Cover for a portable spa. Southern Spa Outlet is proud to be the Southeast’s Distributor of this fabulous hot tub!

Considering A New Hot Tub?

The majority of Eco Spa customers have owned one or more spas in the past. They appreciate the simplicity, durability, and practicality of our spas.

For over 55 years Fusion Pacific has strived to develop the highest quality rotationally molded products on the planet. In 2001 they broke the mold when they designed the first hard top cover for a portable spa.

  • Eco Spa hot tubs offer the most durable and energy efficient spa in its class.
  • Eco Spa hot tubs continually strive to improve the performance and efficiency of our hot tubs.
  • Eco Spa hot tubs are engineered differently from the ground up utilizing different building materials and design concepts that other spa manufacturers do not offer.

We offer standard dual 35 square foot filters and a 24 hour programmable control system with our ECO MODE function making Eco Spa the most energy efficient spa, available with a 110 volt plug and play option. All Eco Spa models offer a variety of hot tub accessories, including an optional ozone purification system resulting in a cleaner and less chemical dependent spa. You can literally be enjoying your new hot tub the first day it is installed.

Eco Spa Hot Tub Models And Options

Click on any Eco Spa Hot Tub image below to learn more about the model and the options available. Our spas can be placed on any surface and makes virtually impossible for rodents to enter.

Eco-Spas are the only hot tub with a true lifetime structural warranty.

Eco Spa Model E1

Eco Spa Model E2

Eco Spa Model E3

Southern Spa Outlet model E4

Eco Spa Model E4

Eco Spa Model E5


There are a lot of choices when it comes to purchasing a new hot tub or spa. The decision on who to purchase your tub from is as important as the hot tub itself. Southern Spa Outlet is committed to providing our customers quality products and outstanding service. Although we are headquartered in Murfreesboro, Tennessee, we sell and install hot tubs in Tennessee, Georgia, Ohio, Indiana, Florida, Alabama, Kentucky, and Illinois.